Our company was founded in March 2014 by Ana Duperval who seriously woke up one morning wanting to conceptualize a brand that coincided with her cool but at often times weird fashion sense. It went by another name, which we can’t remember, but Google proved that it already existed. And so for the next couple hours the quest for a more fitting and available name was underway. After a few hours finally and oh so perfectly, SVPERDVPERFLY was thought up! Even more perfectly was that the name wasn’t taken anywhere and so Ana went and secured all the sites a$ap and little by little throughout the day she began working on the SVPERDVPERFLY brand.

The tagline: Vintage Piece. Custom Piece. SvperDvperFly. Peace. was thought up soon after to reflect what the brand would provide: handpicked vintage clothing, customized attire, and SVPERDVPERFLY original apparel all while promoting the goal of peace to self and to the world.

The SVPERDVPERFLY brand is a cultural hub for the cool weird demi cool people (aka the urban hipster). The site will cover fashion, music, and events; ya know, fly stuff.

Having been a buyer in the vintage and retro market several years, Ana has created an outlet in which she can better reach those who effortlessly exceed a blended style all their own through worthy wardrobe pieces and personal creativity.

>>>>> Find Ana Online // Instagram: @anadb3st <<<<<