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Over the weekend we saw Tory Lanez live in concert for his I Told You tour. We were hyped to see him and special guests Kranium and Jacquees. We got a super wild show as Tory performed bangers after bangers and actively interacted with the audience. His fans literally supported him as he performed his most popular songs. This was our first time catching him perform and he is definitely a crowd pleaser.

Check out our recap video below for a glimpse of how the night went.

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There’s an unspoken rule that whoever decides to touch the aux cord must play hits and only hits. Our friend ended up playing this little number on our trip around the city and we were very pleased. Friends is some much needed and new good music by Francis and the Lights and has a small feature from Kanye West. We love when musicians of different genres collaborate for a sound that’s all too perfect.


palmer reed smart Svperdvperfly supa dupa fly retro style clothing

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We fell in love at first sound with Palmer Reed about three or so years ago at an art event when he performed his song “Run Away”. Since then we’ve seen him grow and perform at several major venues for small and big events alike. He’s really a humble guy and definitely has the drive to succeed. His latest single “Smart” is a little different from what we’re used to hearing from him but we like it, we like it a lot! His usual melodic tone is now on some trap edge type vibe for this one. We really can’t wait until this guy takes off from the local scene to big timing. Palmer recently had an open invite for the accompanying music video and though we weren’t able to make it out to it, he released a 30 second teaser with some pretty trippy visuals which you can check out here.

However that’s not enough so until the complete video is out we’ll just keep putting the song on repeat. Take a listen at the full length Big Makk and Andre produced track below:

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This alternative hip hop bounce music from Portland, Oregon artist AminĂ© is making waves quickly this spring. The single “Caroline” is a catchy hit you can’t dismiss. We got put on to the dope song via Instagram by someone we don’t even know in real life. Shout out to instafriends, yeah? The fun banana-filled music video only adds to the appeal which you can watch below. AminĂ© has other music produced by Kaytranada too, which is a sign of good things to come.

Caroline, whoever you are, thank you.

Tunji Ige - War Svperdvperfly supa dupa fly retro style clothing

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We got us a new car and don’t know how to act with the satellite radio! Shout out to that Sirius XM free year trial tho… But that’s how our ears heard this masterpiece of a melodic track called “War”. You may have caught on to Tunji Ige back whenever but we recently discovered his 2015 feature with Janine and the Mixtape, another of our favorite modern classics. This artist and producer is quite good so take a listen below!

This single comes off his new album released earlier this month entitled Missed Calls.