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A couple nights ago we were at a bar and got to talking with some strangers, because isn’t that what bars are for? Well it turned out the group of strangers did music and so they decided to send us their EPKs the next day. We were pleasantly surprised in particular by Indigo Blak because his sound was not what we were expecting at all! From the tracks sent over “She” instantly became our favorite and the music video made it even more amazing. It’s basically sensual tension captured visually.

Watch below and see what we mean. Do you love it or do you love it?

SVPERDVPERFLY caskey supa dupa fly retro style clothing online vintage store

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We got put on to Florida rapper Caskey (of Cash Money Records) about a year ago but really started vibing with him when his mixtape Black Sheep came out in November 2014. That ish is good and we got the tracks down below for you to listen.

Anyway, our friend DJ Slym hooked us up to see Caskey perform this weekend and it was definitely a nice scene. The whole night was dedicated mostly to the tracks from Black Sheep with a couple hits from his previous mixtapes. He has mad love for his hometown fans and interacted with them quite a bit, from having them come on stage or him even walking through the crowd while performing. He’s like the cool a** friend who will still put you in your place tho because he was quick to tell folks to get away from his Harley bike that sat on the stage.

Our favorite track off of Black Sheep is Paramount and we really would’ve liked to post a video from the concert but the bass was overpowering on the celly. Still, we got this great shot of him throwing up the Peace sign (hashtag #svperdvperfly). The only thing that really sucked about this night was when we got back to our car; there was a nice little parking ticket waiting for us.


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Say hi to Super Duper Kyle. Just because of that name we had to like him, and trust us you will too. You may have heard “Don’t Wanna Fall In Love” last year and assumed it was Childish Gambino. Though similar in style we’ve come to appreciate Kyle for Kyle. His new SMYLE album released earlier this month and the visuals for the catchy single Really? Yeah! is setting the tone.

Besides being the album title, Smyle is also a confidence campaign which we support. It ties in with our own goal for everyone to find peace of self. Anywho, one day (whenever we get our original apparel up and running) we would love to send him SvperDvperFly merch!

Super Duper Kyle making moves? Really? Really? Yeah!

hopsin svperdvperfly supa dupa fly online vintage stores

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Soooo….when creating this brand there were so many components that showed us how meant to be it was, including this! We have officially selected “Super Duper Fly” by rapper Hopsin as our theme song obviously because of the title but also because it’s just dope!

Take a listen: