11xi music hennesy and gin


A click on this profile, a click on that person’s friends list, a click over here, and so on is how we found 11Xi. Funny that people have seriously gotten discovered by six degrees of social separation like that. But really as soon as we heard 11’s voice and the OVO style (he’s from Toronto, Canada so makes sense) we instantly added him to our favorites.

Prior to his recently released self titled debut EP he had the whole mystery element behind him with purposely few IG videos and posts in black and white. You can say we were on before he got on (- folks like to brag about that). But now the push is real and we support it! Listen to the 7-track EP below:

We can see the young Canadian artist joining the upper rankings of Drake, The Weeknd, PartyNextDoor, and Tory Lanez. Do you?

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