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Yeah it’s an old song but we just found out about it. So there. Last month on our drive back from Art Basel Miami, we started exchanging songs and artists we like with a friend we actually made there. They’re from Jersey and told us about one of their friends, Mir Fontane and this awesome flipped ‘Martin’ concept he recorded. Hopefully you are keen to the 90’s sitcom ‘Martin’ and if not, well then friend you missed out growing up.

Pam” was the main single from Fontane’s 12-track project He So Crazy and the entire mixtape is creative re-writing and incredible story-telling. The unlikely scenario that Mir Fontane depicts in this is incredibly executed and makes us wish that this plot twist was actually an episode! The samples from the show also aid to the nostalgic fragrance on this track. Watch below and tell us this isn’t plain genius or something you didn’t even THINK to consider?

More sounds from Mir Fontane can be heard on his soundcloud and even though it was a search, we found the ‘He So Crazy‘ stream/download here on Spinrilla. The tracklist is included for you below:

he so crazy mir fontane

1. Theme Song
2. Henessey & Enemies
3. Martin’s House Party
4. Blake Griffin
5. Pam (Feat. Authentik)
6. Pam Interlude
7. Pam Part II (Feat. Rell Royal)
8. Call Me Crazy
9. Damn Gina
10. Death Of A Pimp (Feat. Authentik)
11. Outro
12. Credits


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