palmer reed smart

We fell in love at first sound with Palmer Reed about three or so years ago at an art event when he performed his song “Run Away”. Since then we’ve seen him grow and perform at several major venues for small and big events alike. He’s really a humble guy and definitely has the drive to succeed. His latest single “Smart” is a little different from what we’re used to hearing from him but we like it, we like it a lot! His usual melodic tone is now on some trap edge type vibe for this one. We really can’t wait until this guy takes off from the local scene to big timing. Palmer recently had an open invite for the accompanying music video and though we weren’t able to make it out to it, he released a 30 second teaser with some pretty trippy visuals which you can check out here.

However that’s not enough so until the complete video is out we’ll just keep putting the song on repeat. Take a listen at the full length Big Makk and Andre produced track below:

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