nokia 1992

You’d be forgiven if you’d never heard of Princess Nokia until now. Going by many names over the years and utilizing an array of different sounds, the artist born Destiny Frasqueri has a new album out that has quickly become a favorite of ours. 1992 Deluxe is a re-released version of her 2016 mixtape, 1992, with 8 additional tracks.

princess nokia 1992

According to the “Afro-NewYorican” Harlemite herself, 1992 is her at her most authentic self, and it really shows throughout the album. We really appreciate her self acceptance, confidence, and keen spirit of protecting her energy, which were all about. Keep the peace especially your own. Princess Nokia is very open about her experiences in foster care growing up, among other things, and uses all of her past life experiences in her storytelling so that you really feel like you’ve got a good sense of who she is. Everything from her skater roots to her comic book nerddom is on full-display here and it all combines to form something very special that we’ll be jamming for quite a while. We really dig her and think you will too, so check out her latest video below.

Cop “1992 Deluxe” wherever you get your tunes but stream it here. Whats your favorite song on 1992 Deluxe?

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